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Our Purpose

We understand the art of gathering and how to create an atmosphere that impacts people in places.

Soul Traveller Tours is a provider of immersive, authentic group experience packages that bring people together to live in the moment and unite South Africans and internationals alike. It provides a space to cultivate positive citizenry and social cohesion through shared experiences that evoke feelings of togetherness and pride. It’s about a sensory-led experience that allows you to see, touch, feel and breath something greater than yourself. It develops an intuitive consciousness of the environment and spaces that you find yourself in. It isn’t just travel. It is a deepening of your soul.

What do we mean by group travel? Our group travel is bringing people together. Whether you arrive alone or with people you know, everyone leaves feeling connected to one another through shared memories and impactful experiences.

Our Collective Soul

Did you know that through your purchase of a Soul Traveller experience, you are investing in local entrepreneurs and their businesses? During this time when we are not able to operate, you can help us keep them supported – by purchasing a voucher for a future tour. These vouchers offer you a 20% discount on your chosen experience, which will be redeemable once we are fully operational again.

To learn more about COVID-19 in South Africa, visit sacoronavirus.co.za


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