Soul Traveller Launches First Domestic Tours

NEW domestic tour operator Soul Traveller is to develop new domestic fully-inclusive, guided tours aimed at first-time travellers and groups. Thebe Tourism Group is a partner in the project, which is managed and run by founder and CEO Penny Ndlela.

There are currently six domestic tours, themed according to the colours of the South African national flag. Each tour includes an immersive experience, all meals, accommodation and transport and tours are one price: R11,895, with a central collection point. All tours are commissionable.

Ms. Ndlela has previously led Holy Land tours for mothers of South Africa’s black corporate elite and community groups.

Red Route tours are about food and urban experiences; Green is about connecting with nature and one’s self. Black Route tours are for daredevils. White tours concentrate on South Africa’s heritage and Gold/Yellow tours are focused on South Africa’s economy, from whale oil trading to gold rush sites in Mpumalanga and Kimberley’s Big Hole.

Ms. Ndlela said she hoped to cater for school groups in future and has a badge system for repeat passengers, which they can use as bragging rights.

Thebe Group CEO Jerry Mabena, a major advocate for the development of domestic tourism, said the time was right for new product.

“The next level is to say, December flights, if you book early, you get all these other discounts. And if you don’t have the money to book them in January, we need to speak to the airlines to find out how we can pay them R100 a month… It requires different thinking,” he said.

Source: TIR | 06 November 2017 (

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